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How We Work

Powered by Go

Twitch is one of the largest users of the Go programming language worldwide. Go powers our new high scale systems, and as we grow, we contribute improvements back to the open source project.

Driving the Streaming Content Revolution

Our team manages 22 datacenters to deliver over 16 billion minutes of high-quality video every month and more than 10 billion chat messages every day to all corners of the globe.

Running Everywhere, On Everything

Web. Xbox. PlayStation. Mobile devices. We make content available on all major platforms because that’s what our tech savvy customers demand.

The Social Network for Gamers

We connect gamers all over the world with each other around the games they love. That dynamic community stretches beyond gaming, contributing millions to charity and creating careers for broadcasters.

The Largest Live Video Platform in the World The world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers

4th largest Bandwidth Consumer in the U.S.
2.1+ million Peak Concurrent Viewers Globally
100 million+ users per month
106 minutes watched per viewer per day
3 billion total minutes streamed per month

Work Life at Twitch

Our Headquarters

At Twitch, our office is a living, breathing part of the team. We’ve designed our workspace with an open floor plan to encourage collaboration and creative problem solving. And of course, good times.

Our Benefits

Employees at Twitch can expect pretty awesome benefits. We provide perks like comprehensive healthcare plans and unlimited time off, daily catered lunch and dinner, gym memberships, substantial parental leave, and much more.

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Our Community

Twitch is a leader in the gaming community, with a presence at most major gaming conventions and tournaments like PAX, Gamescom, and EVO. Over 20,000 gamers came to TwitchCon 2015 – our inaugural convention in San Francisco – and two million more watched live online. Community-driven projects like Twitch Plays Pokémon have introduced millions to Twitch.

Twitch Engineering Teams Explore some of the teams that keep the pixels flowing

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Benefits and Perks

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Full group plans are available with great health coverage for employees and their dependents. We also offer dental, vision, life insurance, and a 401K retirement plan.

Catered Meals and Unlimited Snacks

We cater lunch and dinner every weekday, along with breakfast three times a week. The menu includes options to satisfy every type of diet. Snacks and drinks are also readily available. Your family, friends and guests are always welcome.

Flexible Time Off

Our paid time off and sick day policies are flexible, based on manager approval and team notification. We offer parents 20 weeks of paid leave.

Subsidized Gym Membership

With your overall health in mind, we chip in for your gym membership at any gym you choose. Or you can opt for a corporate membership with Crunch Fitness, Sports Club of LA, or Equinox.

Monthly Massages

Get your sore muscles massaged away once a month. Our massage therapists are certified in the Swedish modality and trained in deep tissue work.

Public Transportation Reimbursement

We encourage you to take advantage of the great public transportation system the San Francisco Bay Area offers–Bart, Muni, and Caltrain. We cover the cost to help keep the planet green.

Gaming Tournaments and Events

All employees are encouraged to attend one Twitch Live Streamed event. We supply tickets to events such as E3, PAX and EVO, and pay for your travel costs.

Create Your Perfect Work Setup

We use top of the line technology and chances are we have what you need to make yourself comfortable. If not, we’ll get you the tools and hardware you need to build your perfect workspace.

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